By R. Trent Jones - since 1989

Adult courses for beginners

Beginners : Discover Golf in the Landes

A groupe of qualified professionals manage this course for small groups of a maximum of six players*

Total : 6 hours
3 lessons of 2 hours

  • Course practice with the Pro
  • Personalised video
Goals and learning content :
  • The right club for each shot
  • The right grip
  • The right stance
  • The right line up
  • How to contact the ball
  • How to accelerate in the swing
  • The right trajectory
  • The technical basics of each type of stroke : putter, irons and woods
  • Play on the course (your first round with your Pro)
  • Learn the rules and etiquette on the course
  • Choose the right club for each situation
  • How to card your score
  • Build a three point routine :
  1. Evaluate the situation
  2. Visualise your shot and take the appropriate stance
  3. Play the shot
  • Video guide to control and correct your shot
Progress for each player via an adapted set of exercices

The advantages of the course
  • 15% rebate on 10 bucket cards for the driving range
  • 10% rebate on clothing in the Pro Shop (except reduced articles)
  • Professional advice on all articles in the Pro Shop
*These courses are subject to a minimum number of subscribers. If necessary the teaching team has the right to cancel the course and you will be informed either at subscription or before the starting date.